Friday, March 14, 2008

A Civil Air p. 70-71 "True Happiness" poem - awesome!

True Happiness

These are the things, which one assess’d
Will make a life that’s truly bless’d
A Good Estate on healthy soil,
Not got by Vice, nor yet by toil:
Round a warm Fire, a pleasant joke,
With a Chimney ever free from Smoke:
A Strength entire, a Sparking bowl
A quiet wife, a quiet soul,
A Mind as well as body, whole
Prudent Simplicity, constant Friends,
A Diet which no art Commends;
A Merry night without much Drinking
A Happy thought without much Thinking,
Each night by Quiet Sleeps made Short
A Will to be but what thou art:
Possess’d of these, all else defy
And Neither wish nor fear to Die
These are things which once Possess’d
Will make a life thats truly bless’d

Recall our Declaration of Independence proclaims:
“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”
Liberty to Live Life is the core of human Happiness.
In this WISE WORDS poem is a path to a joyful life.
What do you pray will make your life “truly bless’d”?

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